Piecing it all together?

I’m going to put a few transits and lunations in this post – mostly because over the coming weeks I am simply not going to have the time to get on here and write anything much. (In fact many of these transits relate directly to my own natal chart – as have previous transits over the past months… In case you’re interested in the astrological signifiers behind my current life events, I have briefly written them up on this page.)

First of all, we have a full moon on 21st August at 28 

Aquarius full moon 2013

This chart still has the kite formation in it and also has a cardinal cross with Venus moving in to fill in the Libra point opposite Uranus and square to Pluto and Jupiter. In this chart the kite formation and along with that the grand water trine has a fading energy while the cardinal square energy is building – it’s an energy which is about being practical, doing something about the dreams and inspirations and intuitions that came with the watery trine and the high flying, visionary kite. This sense of pressure to be constructive and to actually see some changes in our lives, some sense of development also comes from Saturn co-ruler of the full moon and moving into a conjunction with the North Node and so Saturn is demanding hard work gets put into building our future whilst he opposes the habits set up in the past. This is a moon where we have a great opportunity to see what we actually need to do – and to ensure that we take steps to actually doing it!

That Leo full moon gives way to mutable Virgo energy as we move towards the new moon on 5th Sept at 13 Virgo. What is particularly noticeable to me is that this is the Mars flashpoint of last year so we are getting another hit to this point that has been sensitised through that last series of retrogrades. Feelings, events, people related to that Mars retrograde time might come back into your life or awareness. Plus there is Mercury on the retrograde degree and Ceres on the direct degree of that Mars retrograde. With the full moon energy this could well be a time when there is a realisation, an ‘aha’ moment about the significance of that retrograde.

Virgo New Moon 2013

Following this we have Saturn the North Node and Venus coming together on 18th Sept at 8+ degrees Scorpio. This is a building transit par excellence – Saturn and Venus together dream of a beautiful and practical space, something both solid and luxurious and the North Node opens the way for that to be achieved. This is in Scorpio though so it’s going to be demanding, it’s going to ask for truth, integrity, commitment and courage. The place in your chart where this conjunction falls will indicate in more detail where this opportunity opens up – even if you aren’t sure where that is, if you think about areas in your life where you have had to take more responsibility over the past few months that will indicate where this transit will focus most of its energy.

NN Saturn Venus Sept 2013

Immediately following the triple conjunction we have a Pisces Full moon – 19th Sept at 26+ Pisces.  Whilst this chart has many similarities to that of the triple conjunction it takes place at a somewhat irritating angle to that triple conjunction and so indicates a sense of frustration and annoyance regarding achieving the potential of that conjunction. However this is full moon energy so we can get some idea of things that might block us – and in gaining that clarity potentially get to be able to move beyond those irritations.

Pisces Full Moon 2013

There will be plenty of transits over this time – including Venus moving through the cardinal square and forming a grand cross but the next one I will mention here is the Libra new moon – 5th October. This new moon lights up the cardinal square as it falls opposite Uranus. It is a tense new moon that also sees Mercury moving onto the North Node and so bringing news about our chosen future path – in Scorpio some of these messages might not be all that comfortable, they might dig deeper than you are used to – but all for the good. This new moon also sets up conditions for eclipses and Saturn link plus coming retrogrades. Personal planets Mars and Venus are also linked into this energy through a double interlocking Thor’s Hammer formation with Mars at one apex with Pluto and Uranus at base and Uranus at the other apex with Mars and Venus at base. This is a hard hitting and potentially unstable energy – it achieves what it sets out to achieve but isn’t always that careful about how it goes about doing that. Expect tensions in relationships to have differences of value and aspiration at the root – and expect projects to work well only if everyone involved agrees about the ultimate intention and shares the same desires in terms of what the project should achieve.

Libra new moon 2013

After that things in my life might just have settled down enough for me to be able to get back on here and resume my astrological musings 🙂


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