Mercury, Saturn and Mars – learn how to make it real

It’s New Moon time and in the middle of an incredibly busy time I need to find some space to write about Mercury and Saturn. With Mercury now in its shadow phase before turning retrograde in a couple of weeks we begin to get wind of the forthcoming influences that retrograde is bringing. During the whole retrograde phase from first entering his shadow over the past few days until leaving it at the end of November Mercury will move into a conjunction with Saturn 3 times – these two have got lots of talking to do it seems; there is much that Saturn wants Mercury to understand and carry news of on his journey round the skies.

With Mercury’s retrograde taking place in Scorpio we are looking at digging deep into psychological and political motivations – uncovering hidden power plays in our lives and understanding the underlying motivations behind these. With Saturn in the mix we will come up hard against the ways these have a real, concrete, impact upon our lives both limiting what we are able to do (not always a bad thing as too much choice or freedom can be a paralysing influence) and giving us something solid to work upon. But work we must if we are to truly understand the meaning of these times – we must work, we must look unflinchingly at whatever we uncover and we must be prepared to talk about it!

mercury saturn x1

In the first of the meetings between Mercury and Saturn we find them at 10+˚ Scorpio, for which the Sabian Symbol is “A drowning man is being rescued”. In fact the symbolism of the chart is full of imagery that repeats this theme – from the conjunction taking place in the depths of watery Scorpio to the fact that the conjunction is also conjunct Uranian Poseidon we have images of water and a conjunction to asteroid Urania, muse of astronomy and understanding the wider meanings of things. Poseidon denotes the involvement of mystical insight and spiritual culture while Urania brings rational understanding – add into this mix the intellect of Mercury, the persistence and reliability of Saturn and the depths of Scorpio and we have an image that brings together both intuition and reason, watery depths and solid ground. So this conjunction offers the opportunity to both experience deep insights and to understand them sufficiently to be able to act upon them. Remember this, because Mercury will come back here during his time of backward motion – he will want  to revisit what he learned.

“Jonah and the Whale,” Folio from a Jami al-Tavarikh (Compendium of Chronicles), Islamic, Timurid period (1370–1507), ca. 1400. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1933( 33.113) Inscription on the arms of Jonah, in Persian: “The sun’s disk went into darkness; Jonah went into the mouth of the fish.” The medium includes silver, and silver oxidizes to black/brown, so the original fish may have been silver just like an oxeye or tarpon.

“Jonah and the Whale,” Folio from a Jami al-Tavarikh (Compendium of Chronicles), Islamic, Timurid period (1370–1507), ca. 1400. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Inscription on the arms of Jonah, in Persian: “The sun’s disk went into darkness; Jonah went into the mouth of the fish.” The medium includes silver, and silver oxidizes to black/brown, so the original fish may have been silver just like an oxeye or tarpon. It reminds me the Mercury Rx encloses the coming eclipses…

In the second conjunction we have a whole lot of energy bursting onto the scene with Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo bringing some intensity and physicality to our emotions and also a desire to do something about Virgoan themes such as our health, gardening or cleaning house. That may well seem like a mundane kind of thing but it is in the outward actions that this part of the chart is fulfilled. Plus the Sun is conjunct the North Node, a very sensitive spot and one that shows openings for future growth – the Sun is also lighting up the Mercury Saturn conjunction – it’s an important time for communications and sorting out some details about arrangements.

mercury saturn x2

These conjunctions work to form a rectangular shape bringing in Chiron and the South Node a shape which signifies a time when it seems there is a lot to do, a lot to work out, many questions to answer but there is also the potential finding new solutions and progressing rapidly in unexpected ways. With Chiron’s involvement and the nodal axis this suggests healing of some kind, whether you are doing the healing or being healed, and also a time to move out of the patterns of the past. That this is formed with Mercury retrograde it suggests that at this time we can see more clearly how we have been blocked by past events or concerns or conditioning and see ways of moving beyond that which are constructive and hopeful. We also have Uranus throwing a yod into this rectangle focusing energy onto the sextile between Moon/Mars and Sun/North Node and reminding us that the requirement here is to do something constructive with this energy, move forward, even if that takes people by surprise and rocks the boat in uncomfortable ways.

The Sabian Symbol for this Mercury/Saturn conjunction is “telephone linemen at work installing new connection” and for that I cannot help but insert this song:

The third conjunction comes on the 26th November at 16+˚ Scorpio, the symbol for which is “A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her child” suggesting the creative potential we all have within us and our own ability to rely on ourselves. Take note of what happens at this time especially as this is the same degree that in 8 months time Saturn will station and turn direct during his own retrograde phase.

mercury saturn x3

Another notable thing about this chart is the position of Mars, ruler of these conjunctions since they all take place in Scorpio. Mars is sitting on the stationary retrograde degree of his last retrograde phase in 2012. When Saturn returns to this place in July Mars will just be exiting his next retrograde phase, passing out of his shadow. The symbolism of this is very significant as Mars relates to activity, action and Saturn is about persistence and solidity. Mercury the messenger is linking them at the moment, letting each party know what is needed to build something substantial for the future – and also confirming that it will take lots of hard work, energy and persistence. Information that comes in at the times of these conjunctions will be especially important. During Mercury’s retrograde phase in general we will also get information about our emotional and psychological needs – try to write down dreams, impressions, feelings and so on as they will hold important information that you may want to draw upon in the coming months.


9 thoughts on “Mercury, Saturn and Mars – learn how to make it real

  1. welcome back, Sal :)!
    we’vw been missing you.
    I’ve been also monitoring the future and past connections between retrogrades. lunations and eclipses.
    I’d add to your observations that when Mercury turns backwards on October 22 Mars is on the same grade he went stationary direct on April 2012.
    I remember that day quite well for personal reasons ;)…

    • Wow, thanks Melissa – even more connections tying this Mercury Rx to the last Mars Rx! Have you written more on the connections? Interesting it links to the eclipses too by enclosing them.

      And thanks for welcoming me back 🙂 it’s all been a bit crazy but this Mercury/Saturn/Mars connection I am thinking will consolidate lots of very positive changes!

  2. I’ve been thinking of writing about it a lot lately, but at the same time I somewhat fear to do it and til now I backed away.
    This Saturn in Scorpio transit, the cardinal square and eclipses have been very hard for me (if you see my chart you’ll understand at a glance:
    They took away my father in July and my mother is ailing too.
    At the same time my professional and personal life are both heavily under pressure.
    I wrote extensively about the eclipses in April and May knowing that after them my life would never be the same and I was right.
    “In my end is my beginning” as I wrote here sometime ago, but especially now I feel the end without seeing the new start.
    I hopein the future I will thrive as you seem to do after the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses.

    • Hi Melissa, yes I can see you would have been hard hit by transits and eclipses. Your MC/IC is taking a lot of pressure, and also Pluto on your Jupiter/Saturn midpoint is forcing change. I think the forthcoming Jupiter Rx will be a crucial time for you, establishing anew way of being, a new life style. And the Mars Rx will end up strengthening your foundations in life – 9th and 4th house issues come to the fore, if you are not moving further afield you are setting up the conditions at home for a more spiritually oriented lifestyle. Saturn means it has to be practical, deal with the realities – legal issues maybe?
      I find Rx energy demands inwardness, be ready for this, Mercury is making the preparations – it helps keep the centre when all else is going crazy.
      You will indeed thrive, I am very sure – look after your health and your spirit and the ground will grow solid under you!

      • Also I should say, looking further ahead – as Mars establishes firmer ground during his Rx it prepares for surprises further ahead – the well aspected Uranus transit to your Sun will be shocking in a good way. The cardinal square is on the wane by then and allows the later Pluto transit to Saturn to be less stressed – brings depth of insight with less trauma.
        Take care

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