Solar eclipse and Mercury through the North Node – the messenger highlights the path of future karma

Sunday 3rd November brings a solar eclipse and a conjunction of Mercury Rx with the North Node. The solar eclipse, falling in Scorpio, is ruled by Mars and Pluto and it makes a creative sextile to both these planets indicating opportunities to be gained if the effort is put in. Mars and Pluto are separating from a trine to one another showing that the conditions for these opportunities have already been established while the solar eclipse, separating from both Mars and Pluto show that the eclipse brings forward opportunities or circumstance that have already been set in motion. In secretive Scorpio and with the light of the Sun being obscured by the emotional force of the Moon the energy at this time is working in hidden or difficult to see ways – we know we must put in the effort, the aspects tell us we must build on circumstances set in motion in the past, but what the outcome will be is hidden and may well be unexpected.

The theme of hard work is amplified by the eclipse conjunct Saturn who is in mutual reception with Pluto – in other words these two are working well together as a team uncovering hidden motives, power plays and manipulations and bringing them into consciousness so that they can be unpicked and put back together in more constructive ways. Do not expect things to be handed to you on a plate over the next few months (the span of influence of this eclipse will be approximately 3 years but it will be properly kick-started into action in August next year when Mars will move to a conjunction with the degree of the eclipse), benefits will come for those who work, who make the effort.

solar exlipse 31113

The tone of the eclipse is heightened by Mercury’s conjunction with the North Node which takes place just as the eclipse is starting to form. This is the second of Mercury’s conjunctions with the North Node over the last few weeks and this time Mercury is moving retrograde, going back over things, re-thinking, re-imagining. Whilst the movement of Mercury is backwards, inwards and looking towards the past the influence of the North Node is to propel into the future – so we are going backwards to go forwards. Think back to the end of the 1st week of October when Mercury first moved through the North Node because it is likely that conversations you had or messages you received then are significant at this time.

Over the next two weeks Mercury is concerned with sorting out issues from the past in order to clear the way for easier movement in the future. A fairly intense encounter with both the Sun and Saturn and influenced by Mars and Pluto has coloured communications and Mercurial things over the past days, now Mercury moves back out of that into a more pleasant space, he will turn direct shortly after making a sextile to Venus and a trine to Neptune – artistic, dreamy and inspirational influences that seem to be just what Mercury was looking for as it gives him the momentum to start moving forwards again, back through the North Node on the 19th November, this time moving direct.

Mercury NN 191113

Significantly, all these conjunctions of Mercury through the North Node take place on 7+˚ Scorpio for which the Sabian symbol is ‘a calm lake bathed in moonlight’. This image is suggestive of the reflective qualities of the human mind when it is able to calm itself sufficiently. The task is to be able to still the continual chatter of the mind, calm the ever active Mercury down a bit so he can get some sense of a deeper, more purposeful direction. This is important because by the time Mercury has reached this point Jupiter is moving backwards himself indicating a deeper look at philosophical and religious issues while Venus is just poised on the edge of her shadow hinting at a more contemplative mood over the coming months where we will evaluate our actions and judge just how well we have lived up to our expectations of ourselves, particularly in our relationships with others and the values we bring into them.

calm lake moonlight

All in all Sunday 3rd brings an opportunity to listen to the future and to understand how we can work to build on the opportunities of the past while removing some of the ingrained patterns and reactions. Just a little time taken for reflection will help to make the most of this energy.


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