Mercury stations direct – fishing with Neptune in the field of dreams

Today Mercury stands still and prepares to move forwards through the skies again, picking up the pieces of the past few weeks and making sure that everything is sorted out, in order, understood. Until he finally moves out of his shadow on the 27th November we are likely to still feel the effects of the time he has been moving backwards, though hopefully now that he moves forwards again we are clearer about where things are going, what needs to be done and what we want the outcome to be.

Mercury stations direct 101113

Just as Mercury stands still he makes a flowing trine to Neptune who is also standing still ready to move forwards. This imbues the whole mood of the Mercury forward motion with a sense of Neptunian inspiration, dreaminess and vagueness – it may seem that things are even more unclear, confused and difficult to pin down that they have been for the past few weeks. At the same time the mood brings plenty of opportunities to tune into something artistic, inspired and mystical – perhaps you feel more aware of and sensitive to the mystery and beauty of life and just want to spend a little time enjoying it – and why not? Now is the perfect time to do just that – maybe a walk by water or some time spent listening to beautiful music or reading poetry is exactly the way to make the most of this Mercury station.

In fact, any artistic feelings or inspirations we have at the moment are likely to be heightened by the fact that Mercury turns direct while still in sextile to Venus, and because Venus is slowing down for her own retrograde period they never fully move out of this relationship to one another for the whole of the time that Mercury moves forwards through his shadow for the final time and having perfected the sextile just before he stationed direct they will perfect it once more just as he has left his shadow. It definitely is a time for the arts, to tune into your intuition and to use the energy of Venus moving through Capricorn to turn these into something a little more solid than nice ideas or flights of fancy.

The immensely famous 'Birth of Venus' by Botticelli - Aphrodite born out of the foam of the sea when Uranus's testicles were thrown there by Kronos

The immensely famous ‘Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli – Aphrodite born out of the foam of the sea when Uranus’s testicles were thrown there by Kronos

Another thing to notice with this station is that the Sun is sitting on the degree at which Mercury went retrograde, highlighting the path he has walked and has yet to walk. The Sun brings some clarity of intention and greater sense of purpose and determination. Meanwhile note Kronos sitting opposite Venus and Pluto – there is some influence around at the moment that might not be too obvious but which will become important by the time Mercury reaches the superior conjunction. That influence has to do with authority, excellence and expertise and indicates a countering or balancing force to the applying Venus conjunction with Pluto – a sense that someone around at the moment has the ability to see through various undercurrents and hidden dynamics in relationships and show the best way of dealing with these. This person could be someone else, it could be yourself, whoever it is they have a sense of perspective which will help in the coming times of emotional intensity and this is being reflected in this Mercury station and in the later superior conjunction.

Giorgio Vasari depict the act that led to the birth of Venus - Kronos (Saturn) cuts off Uranus's testicles and throws them into the sea

Giorgio Vasari depict the act that led to the birth of Venus – Kronos (Saturn) cuts off Uranus’s testicles and throws them into the sea

Still, the ongoing connection between this Mercury retrograde with Saturn does demand hard work and a sense of realism and responsibility – we won’t get the most out of this time if we simply give way to day dreaming. Saturn wants to see more of a sense of commitment to our goals and our dreams – he wants us to demonstrate persistence and patience, so you can bet that the coming few weeks will see situations which require both of these – and that if we aren’t prepared to dig deep and find that persistence and patience then all those lovely ideas and imaginings we are having at the moment will come to nothing.

On the 27th November Mercury finally leaves his shadow and the way is clear for moving forward, we should have set in order anything that is currently a bit messy, especially in terms of communications, paperwork, finances and so on – this is what we need to do to have clear ground for really making progress in achieving our dreams. Between then and now Mercury will once more move across the North Node path of future karma (on the 19th), he will sextile Pluto on the 21st – this is a day for breakthroughs in key communications with those in positions of power and influence whether in your external or internal world. Next comes the conjunction with Saturn on the 26th, just before he leaves his shadow – make sure t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted now, and don’t be tempted to get impatient with anyone at this time, it won’t pay off! After that it’s all systems go right on to the end of the year when we should finally see our efforts bearing fruit as Mercury reaches the superior conjunction with the Sun, no coincidence that the superior conjunction takes place in Saturn’s own sign of Capricorn and conjunct Pluto, ruler of this latest retrograde. What is more it also happens in direct opposition to Kronos representing the highest authority and attainment of excellence – the question here is, with the superior conjunction in opposition to this point, is this energy embodied by another in our life or is it something we are able to display to others ourselves? It is certainly a time when we will see how much respect for our achievements comes from others, how much our hard work is recognised. There is potential here to form a strong bond with someone who will help us weather the coming storm of the cardinal square being activated by Venus, Mars and Jupiter during their retrograde phases – consolidation of a promise made during this Mercury Rx perhaps. Watch for it – it could mean a lot!

Mercury superior conjunction 291213


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