The next phase of the retrograde series begins

We are now well into the middle phases of this retrograde series with Mercury moving out of his shadow as Saturn moves into his, Jupiter is on his way back through his own shadow as Venus gazes at him across the skies as she moves towards the degree of her forthcoming Inferior Conjunction.

Star of Inanna

Star of Inanna

With Mercury’s move out of his shadow some things become clearer, although not necessarily easier – there is still a long way to go. It is a good time to remember that in the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s (Venus’s) descent she goes into the underworld voluntarily, in order to right a wrong, in order to gain deeper understanding or in order to allow others to understand her more fully. She goes in order to gain some sort of power, some mastery (and she certainly emerges more powerful than she was before – one reason why the time of the morning star was seen as a good time to go to war, but more on that another day). We are moving into the time of the retrogrades where we start to understand why we will make the descent.

Venus, planet of personal values is opposed by Jupiter planet of social values – we are challenged to find a balance between what we want for ourselves and what society wants from us. Taking place in the signs of family (Jupiter in Cancer) and work (Venus in Capricorn) we have to find a way to balance ambition and duty and the various expectations others have of us in different parts of our lives. This plays into the Venus retrograde – the coming weeks will see us challenged to find a way to bring together (or choose between) opposing demands on our time and our loyalties. Difficult dynamics at work and art home could start to become stressful and as the cardinal square becomes activated by Mars and then retrograding Venus and Jupiter, it may even become explosive.


It’s a good time to make sure we are up to date with breathing exercises and being patient and self-aware because as the pressure rises the explosions could become negatively destructive, they could even become negatively destructive implosions with all the retrograde energy around – the trick will be to have controlled explosions and managed fireworks which help to clear the air and any mess and obstructions without destroying everything else around!


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