Mercury pips Venus to the post…

Following the new moon we can see that Venus is slowing down rapidly and what was looking like a promising connection (Venus trine Mars) never comes to fruition, there’s a sense of frustration in that as though something really ought to work but never quite gels – and it could be in any area of our lives but it will involve a connection between Venus type things (art, values, relationships) and Mars type things (energy, action). Instead it is Mercury that makes the connection to Mars so communications pick up speed and might become more assertive and insistent – especially as these two are in mutual reception and Mercury is in Scorpio (watch your tongue, it’s easy to become sarcastic or cutting under this influence.

Meanwhile Venus turns her attention back towards Jupiter and the challenges she faced or connection she made over the past week or so as she made the opposition to Jupiter. It’s as though something is weighing on her mind that she needs to go back and set straight and it’s this feeling that will persuade her to turn back on herself. Before she reconnects with Jupiter however Saturn moves in on the act. This could be a good thing as Saturn convinces Venus that there is some groundwork that needs to be done before she re-forms the Jupiter connection. Jupiter’s involvement with Lilith at the moment shows that there is something deep underlying this movement – in some traditions Lilith is considered the handmaid of Venus, she would bring in workers from the fields to worship at the temple of the Goddess. Her presence at Jupiter’s side looks to me like  a challenge to the establishment coming from somewhere – but whether that challenge is to the establishment of Jupiter (society, religion, law) or the establishment of Venus (art, beauty, love, relationships) isn’t clear, but it is clear that Jupiter is acting out of character at the moment and this has caught the attention of Venus who heads back to have a look and draws in Saturn (hard work, restrictions, boundaries) to help get things straight.

Mercury sextile Mars 1213

Meanwhile at the time of the Mercury sextile to Mars the Moon is lighting up a sextile between Psyche and Eros – there is hope in this that the promise of the Venus trine to Mars will eventually be achieved, but as ever with Psyche there are tests and trials, things that keep the two apart and which need to be overcome.

This is going to take patience and hard work, events that seemed as though they were fleeting or inconsequential from the past couple of weeks are likely to gain significance over the coming weeks of the Venus retrograde. As Saturn connects with Venus the Sun also moves into the inferior conjunction with Venus indicating that there is a lot more to uncover and understand before we truly ‘get’ what has been going on and can make it work effectively for us.


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