A gentle and creative full Moon

On 17th December we have a full Moon in Gemini indicating a time of culmination regarding events and experiences over the past couple of weeks, since the new Moon on 3rd December. At first glance the chart for this full Moon is not particularly striking, the cardinal square, the key ongoing configuration of the moment, is loose. Although Mars is moving into opposition with Uranus which does spice things up a bit – this could lead to overexcitement or enthusiasm which in turn could bring on accidents so watch that one.  Mars will do this just before he enters his shadow so watch for unsettling events over the next couple of weeks as these form the context for Mars retrograde phase in the first half of next year.

Gemini Full Moon 2013

Meanwhile Venus is poised ready to turn back upon herself, she is hovering in the skies feeling the pull of the Sun and the journey she must make in order to re-emerge as the morning star after her downward/inward/darkward trip.

But these are things yet to come, the full Moon itself does not aspect either Mars or Venus indicating that it is a time of culmination of things to be dealt with before the full force of the retrogrades are felt.  On the other hand the Moon does aspect Saturn via a quintile and the Sun aspects Chiron via a biquintile – these are creative, constructive aspects indicating opportunities to achieve something lasting at this time, something that will be useful to us through the coming months of the retrogrades, also, with Chiron’s involvement, something ultimately healing and bringing wisdom. Additional clues to the power of this full Moon are found by the proximity of Quaoar, Panopaea and Psyche to the Sun – these are so close to the Sun that their influence is difficult to spot because the power of the Sun is so strong, but the sensitive Moon can pick up on it. Quaoar is the name of a Native American creator being who dances the world into existence from chaos while Psyche represents the desire of our soul to find concrete manifestation. Meanwhile Panopaea is one of the Nereids, a sea spirit helpful to sailors indicating protection and guidance through storms so there is an air to this Moon of protection and guidance while we bring something important to light and turn it into something real – a time when we can make dreams come true if we are sensitive and careful enough.

Nereid riding a sea bull

It’s not a huge, powerful influence so don’t expect big events – this is quite a quiet but creative full Moon. Make the most of it, aspects over the Christmas and New Year period are challenging – their positive expression will mean high energy, high spirits and creativity while a negative expression will bring anger, argument and confrontation. If we make the most of this full moon by bringing to light and dealing with what needs to be dealt with then we prepare the way to get the best from the holiday period!

Stonehenge by William Turner. The solstice marks the turning of the year on the night of the 21st and many will celebrate it here.

Stonehenge by William Turner. The solstice marks the turning of the year on the night of the 21st and many will celebrate it here.


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