Sky surfing – your challenge over the next couple of weeks is to keep your balance!

This year the holiday season is very eventful in terms of astrology – we have the cardinal square being triggered by a superior conjunction of Mercury and also by a new Moon on New Year’s day while Venus is turning back on herself, heading back into that cardinal square herself, just as Jupiter is. We can take from this an overarching message that clarity and patience in communications, self-awareness and a commitment to strong values will enable us to tune into the positive, creative power of the cardinal square and avoid its potentially aggressive and explosive nature.



We start to feel the mood change noticeably from the 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn and picks up on the slower pace demanded by Saturn ruled Capricorn. This is a good time to take a deep breath and think about your priorities over the coming days – it’s important not to over-stretch yourself and keep in mind what it is you really want to get out of this season. Also on the 21st Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn reinforcing the requirement to have a good look at what values you are committed to at this time of year – what are you really wanting to mark or to celebrate? Venus retrograde in Capricorn brings something of a pensive mood rather than full-on party spirits and it is likely to feel a whole lot more fulfilling to go with that flow and maybe consider some of the deeper, more spiritual messages of this time rather than the glitzy, consumer-culture that could lead to fractious exchanges in over-loaded shops and malls.

On the 24th this is intensified even more as Mercury also moves into Capricorn and gets serious about the messages he wants to communicate. This is a time to make sure you are listening to those close to you – people will be making efforts to express things that are important to them, don’t fly off the handle if something is said that rubs you up the wrong way, instead try to understand exactly why something is being said and don’t take it personally. Lots of people are feeling the pressure at the moment and it is easy to fly off the handle and then regret it later. All this emphasis on Capricorn asks for less of a reactive attitude and more consideration and patience being put into our interactions.


Channel the perseverance and courage of the mountain goat rather than gruff obstinacy and aggression

Channel the perseverance and courage of the mountain goat rather than gruff obstinacy and aggression

Meanwhile Sun sextile Neptune brings a more poetic, dreamy and spiritual quality which we can make the most of if we just try to tune into it – a time for some quieter moments and finding some spirit of inspiration in music, poetry, lovely smells or spending time by water.

On the 25th we get the cardinal square under tremendous pressure with Mars opposite Uranus – for those cooking celebratory feasts make sure you’ve done the preparation as an air of tension could easily spill out into arguments and accidents. Have a plan B too – the most important thing is to put energy into enjoying time with loved ones, playing fun games, going for walks and so on. (Don’t forget to make sure electrical presents have batteries to go with them and make sure the Christmas Tree lights are wired up safely!) The Moon is also activating this energy making people emotionally highly strung and hyper-sensitive – maintain a sense of humour and an ability to laugh at yourself and walks and games should be full of laughs. An applying sextile between Mercury and Neptune should help with that – if it all gets too much put some comedy on the TV or radio and have a chuckle.

 Mercury superior conjunction 1213

Following the sextile to Neptune on the 26th Mercury moves into his conjunction with the Sun on the 29th this is the superior conjunction following the Scorpio Rx period and marks some kind of completion of issues that were highlighted or under some kind of scrutiny during the retrograde period back at the end of October and beginning of November. It should also bring clarity around communications, especially if you take your time (remember this is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn) and are careful about saying what you mean and listening to others. This superior conjunction is square Uranus, conjunct Pluto, square Mars, thoroughly triggering the cardinal square and could indicate a breakthrough regarding the tensions inherent in that square. Uncomfortable though it might be this could be the best time to resolve any issues that have been hanging around for the past couple of months – or even the past couple of years. What’s more it’s an auspicious time as it could clear the air in time for the New Year and its accompanying new moon. The superior conjunction is accompanied by asteroid Toro considered to link the energies of Mars and Pluto thus emphasising a somewhat aggressive or forceful energy underlying this conjunction which can be beneficial if channelled into constructive and physical projects but if frustrated can emerge in power struggles. Erato is also present at the superior conjunction – Erato is the Muse of lyric poetry, particularly erotic and love poetry suggesting that for some the best expression of these times (and if necessary the best way to make up) will be between the sheets. But for all a delicate turn of phrase will go a long way towards easing the transit through the cardinal square and in the run down to the new moon.

New Year New Moon 2014

That new moon comes on the 1st and is conjunct Pluto so another trigger of the cardinal square. It’s a new moon though so indicates ushering in new attitudes and approaches. The new moon is also conjunct Mercury so there are likely to be increased communications at this time that indicate just what these new beginnings and directions are. It’s a pretty tense new moon with its square to Mars and Uranus and moving into an opposition with Jupiter and really starts to show where events leading up to this point have brought us. If we have managed to be true to ourselves and our values over the preceding few days and have also managed to avoid being reactive and aggressive then this really can show how the ground has been cleared for new, constructive developments in our relationships (Mars in Libra), in expressing our own individuality (Uranus in Aries) and in achieving the right balance between the demands of work, society, family and our own need to express our particular sense of spirituality (Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn).

So it is that we begin 2014, almost with a kind of test, examining how well we have managed to ride the energies of the cardinal square being triggered over what for many is a tense enough time anyway. It doesn’t all go away after the new moon of course, the cardinal square remains in force throughout 2014 and into the first part of 2015, but this time can indicate a turning point, a time when we are now able to effectively manage these energies and use them to build something constructive and visionary.

Babette’s Feast – great watching!


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