A Change of Heart?

Something is unravelling and being put back together. You have probably felt this for a little while now, but maybe not quite able to put your finger on exactly what that something is, just how it is unravelling or even how it is getting put back together again. Of course this relates to the current Jupiter opposite Pluto which is exact today and followed by Venus turning direct not long after that. That Venus is a crucial move as she turns direct just before she perfects the conjunction to Pluto and the opposition to Jupiter (more about this here). Plus all this happens after yesterday’s New Moon which allowed for the introduction of new energies and ideas which can change the direction of how things are moving and playing into that receptiveness Psyche has moved over the Venus Pluto conjunction bringing in an even greater depth of desire, especially the desire to be true to some deeper sense of who we are, along with a willingness to go the distance and faith in our hopes.

jupiter Pluto 31114

All this is related to events and realisations back at the beginning of August last year when Jupiter and Pluto last perfected their opposition, it’s also related to the last couple of weeks of last November when Venus first moved into a conjunction with Pluto and then to an opposition with Jupiter – relationships and situations that were key to events at these times are due for an overhaul or resolution of some kind. What is more Venus also turns direct soon after a slow moving Mercury enters Pisces – this muddles the information a bit, especially since Mercury is getting tangled up with Neptune and will have to retreat back into Aquarius to get his information straight – he’ll do this just before the next Full Moon, having turned retrograde after spending a week in Pisces and not quite reaching Neptune.

All together we have a crucial couple of weeks where current moves will start to clarify, things get untangled and a little less complicated, even though we might not be completely clear about how things are working out long term. Don’t be in a hurry to get things resolved at the moment, things are way too complicated to work out quickly and effectively and continue that way for some months yet. Your best bet for a long term, happy outcome in tune with your heart’s desire is to be patient, considered and careful. That is not the same as saying be passive, it is best to maintain a sense of direction, of where you’d like to get to, otherwise these current energies can send you spinning round in circles and not getting anywhere. Just don’t rush it!


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