A narrow path lights up – full moon 16/3/14

Tomorrow, 16th March 2014, we have a full moon in Virgo at 26˚ marking the final full moon in the zodiac before the cycle begins again with a new moon in Aries. Symbolic of culminations and clarifications this full moon brings the opportunity to assess where we are and where we are going and set a course for the coming days.

Full Moon Virgo 0314

At the time of the full moon Mars is retrograde in Libra and is also at 26˚ so making a perfect semi-sextile with the Moon (supportive of hard work) and a quincunx with the Sun (not supporting ego-driven efforts). Mars retrograde in Libra is reviewing relationships – partnerships of all kinds – and showing us where we can best focus our energy in terms of having the most constructive and well balanced  relationships. This full Moon brings to light information that we need in order to ensure our efforts are focused in the best and most productive direction. This is a good thing because this full moon is ruled by Mercury who is on the edge of leaving idealistic Aquarius and moving into dreamy Pisces, made doubly dreamy by a conjunction to Neptune waiting for him as he moves into the sign of the fishes. It is possible that with all this idealism and dreaminess around we could lose our way and get distracted, but this full moon lights a path to follow, something to be reminded of in the days ahead.

Babylonian goddess Ishtar

Babylonian goddess Ishtar

Full Moon is conjunct the star Zavijaja in Virgo and connected to the goddess Ishtar. This star is thought to be of good omen especially for those in intermediary positions, respected by those both below and above them. It also relates to messengers and envoys, repeating the Mercurial tone, and also the release of prisoners – a good moon for those who are prepared to work hard, especially for the benefit of others.

As the full moon is conjunct a star representing one of the manifestations of Venus we are urged to look more closely at the movements of Venus. By the time the Moon gets round to the position where the Sun is at the full Moon Venus will be perfecting a square to Saturn and a trine to Mars. Both Mars and Saturn are moving backwards in the skies marking a return to something, probably something that was kicked off during the Venus Rx phase and which has clearer contours now Venus is out of her shadow. It is likely that this something is what the full moon will light a path to – we’re not quite there yet, but it’s not far off, it just needs a little determination and will-power to stay on the path and not get side-tracked!

Stick to the path ahead!

Stick to the path ahead!


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