Solar eclipse – patience, potential and storing energy!

Today’s New Moon (29th April) is also a solar eclipse which heightens the intensity and also tends to make the effects more far reaching and radical – and often in unexpected ways. Understanding the energy of this eclipse means first of all understanding the quality of that empty space into which old things fall and out of which new things grow. Some who meditate speak of it as the point at which the inward breath turns into the outward breath, or you might visualise it as the point at which a ball thrown into the air stops rising and starts falling – it’s where we are neither breathing in nor out, the ball is neither rising nor falling – a pivotal point which holds within itself infinite potential because even though it is likely we will start to breathe out and the ball will start to fall if anything happened, even the slightest touch from somewhere else then that can be enough to cause a radical change of course. So it is with eclipses, they introduce a sensitive, pivotal spot into your life which, depending upon how it relates to your chart, can bring about profound and lasting change perhaps by things passing out of your life, perhaps by new things coming in, perhaps by both.

kite posture

Patangasana kite posture – maybe learn how to do this today!

Eclipses leave a sensitive spot in your chart as they can take some time to fully show themselves – whilst it may seem as though everything trundles along as before for a while when that point get activated by one of the heavy hitting planets coming into contact with it then we get to see how our life’s direction is fundamentally changing. This eclipse will be activated by Mars moving in opposition to it in the second week of August – the message today is to think carefully about how you act and what energies you are setting in motion, focus on those that are positive and life-affirming and these will be the energies that start to have a major impact on your life over the coming months.

solar eclipse 29414

Looking more closely at the chart we see that the eclipse is a 8˚ Taurus and it is conjunct Mercury with the Moon about to move away from the Sun and contact Mercury thus linking the two together. So this eclipse has a strong theme of communication and messages about it. With the eclipse and Mercury both being in Taurus these communications may be about money, possessions or things (for instance experiences, attitudes, people) that you value. They may be slow moving and take patience and may also indicate an element of stubbornness from one side or another. This connection of Sun, Moon and Mercury also forms the tip of a kite, one of a series of kites that lead out from the tension of the cardinal square so communications also indicate promising opportunities for the future if you can make use of the energy. Admittedly it’s not an easy energy to tap into as kites want to soar but this one is grounded by a retrograde Saturn in Scorpio while its wings are an over-enthusiastic Jupiter in Cancer and a watery Chiron in Pisces. This kite is more like a yoga posture – it is centred and deep breathing and poised but it is not soaring. It’s more as though the energy can be channelled into gathering strength and healing if healing is needed, ready for take-off when Mars comes along and cuts the string later in the year.


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