About coromell and how to contact me

I love astrology, not your usual ‘if you were born with the Sun in this sign then this is going to happen to you’ kind of astrology though. The astrology I really enjoy watches the movements of the planets through the heavens and reflects on the symbolism of that. It’s a poetic and visual approach to thinking about how we go about our everyday lives and here I like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Somehow, when I set up this site I managed to set up a sister site – don’t ask me how, I have no idea, but anyway, it’s there and so I decided to use it. In that blog I will put random musings and ideas which are free for all to take to use, to develop, to question, whatever. Sometimes as I work I have other, unrelated thoughts pop into my mind that I have no time to do anything much with, but which I think are interesting or inspiring. Or they might be influencing my thinking and actions in the background but because they have not so much to do with astrology so they don’t really belong here. So… I decided I’ll put them here:


Check it out if you’re interested – they are not very well worked through, but ripe for development probably. And sorry, no pretty pictures yet, maybe soon!

If you’d like to contact me then email coromell.astrology@gmail.com – I’m happy to receive requests for readings and comments (even constructive criticism) about my work. I must warn you though that I am off adventuring and may not be able to respond straight away.


2 thoughts on “About coromell and how to contact me

    • Hi Diane,
      I’m afraid I’ve just been so busy and tied up with other things – Saturn is Rx on my ascendant and demands some serious hard work! BUT, just as he turns direct I have managed to grab enough time to write a new post which will be here this very morning!

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