A Story of Changes

This is a story, in brief, about how different astrological signifiers can come together and have impact in the world – how they can track or reflect changes in our life (specifically how they show changes in my life). It’s an illustration… It all began with the last retrograde series which had a direct hammering effect on my natal t-square – combined with eclipses connecting exactly with my Sun and Ascendant! These events led me to leave behind a lot of my life and start to look towards other horizons, new possibilities and opportunities. Now things are in a new phase of developments with what were inner changes in many ways, as is often the case with retrograde energy, now becoming very clearly visible in the outer world. It all adds up to a life undergoing a dramatic change-around which is now reaching its culmination point – and very exciting it is too!


Secondary progressed Sun moving into Leo.

Working with secondary progressions – a way of calculating the way we develop through our lifetimes – I have the Sun moving from Cancer (home oriented, nurturing) into Leo (more self-expressive and creative). Right now my secondary progressed Sun is in the last minutes of Cancer – and many astrologers have noted that as a planet prepares to leave a sign it has been in for some time then there is a sense of increasing speed and urgency. Things hot up as issues that were raised during the previous years now need to be cleared and the stage set for the coming times. True to this events in my life have been speeding up considerably.


New moons (and full moon) triggering progressed Mercury/Venus in my 9th

In many ways (possibly in all ways) this activity has related to events connected to distant travel, learning and philosophy. In particular I have received news regarding future directions when there have been new and full moons connecting to a secondary progressed conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Leo in that part of my chart that indicates foreign cultures, learning, publishing and so on. The full moon of 21st August will be another hit to this point and yet again I should be in yet another country – plus this coincides with a tertiary progressed new moon on my tertiary progressed descendant.


Kite in my solar return

Add to this my solar return (a chart drawn for the exact time that the Sun returns to the same position as it was at when I was born and which is said to indicate the main themes of the coming year) in which I have a kite formation with Pluto at the tip and Mercury at the tail – and these two are my main chart rulers. So there’s a lot of power in that chart indicating the potential for changes in my life that could lead me in different and new directions.


Kite in my tertiary progressions

What is more, in my tertiary progressions (another way of calculating life developments) I have a kite formation with Pluto and Uranus at the tip and the Sun at the tail and this lies exactly on the tertiary progressed Ascendant/descendant axis which itself is conjunct my natal Mars and Saturn/Chiron opposition. This is another indicator of big time changes and the conjunction of Pluto and the Asc and now Uranus and the Asc has been exact in the past couple of weeks (and of course the tertiary progressed new moon I mention above).


Yet to come:

Pluto/new moon with Psyche on my Asc

On 5th September the new moon will be conjunct my Pluto and square my North Node/Sun conjunction indicating the possibility of bringing things into being that are promised by these natal placements – this is 10th house (ambitions, recognition and respect) and 7th house (partnerships). Combined with Psyche on my Ascendant this looks like a really excellent time to build on what I have been doing over the past few months and ensure that I can turn it into something solid and lasting.


Saturn Rx over my Asc and Neptune – plus Mercury too

Meanwhile Saturn is transiting my 12th house and so operating behind the scenes – I have learned recently that often 12th house issues are about things I keep quiet deliberately because they need time to form properly. I see Saturn here as quietly establishing conditions for solid growth – in the coming months he will move across my Ascendant and into my first house – this is when the plans start to become public. He will retrograde back over my Ascendant and onto Neptune thus ensuring that plans are founded on something solid, getting rid of the flaky stuff b ut keeping the dreams that have the power to sustain in the future.

As Mercury also retrograde over that point this indicates that I will do this in partnership with others – but maybe by then I will have time to be back on here and tracking the transits again!


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