Want a personal reading?

Understanding our own astrological chart is a great tool for personal growth from looking at health issues from a different perspective to developing greater spiritual direction in our lives. This free site gives everything you need to draw up your birthchart with a number of options for analysis too:


If you would like me to do a personal reading for you done then please get in touch – I really enjoy analysing both birth charts and looking at the movements of the planets in relation to your own individual chart – it’s so much more effective than the usual ‘sun sign’ astrology, gives lots more detail and is personal to you, your life, your situation. Astrology is a bit like a map – it can’t tell you what to do, but it can tell you where there are bumps in the road, deadends, interesting places to explore – armed with that you then choose what you want to do and where you want to go. A map of your life and future possibilities – how useful is that!?

Please email me for more details including information about types of reading and to discuss prices and payment options:



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