Grand water trine/Cardinal square – what do you want? What do you need? What do you truly, madly, deeply really want and need?

Mercury and Venus are moving together in close formation over the coming weeks, never getting so far apart that we can truly separate their energies and over the coming couple of weeks they are going to sensitise the areas that Jupiter will move through during his shadow and retrograde periods from early August onwards. As Mercury and Venus prepare the ground they will first encounter Neptune and Saturn each forming a grand water trine which sets the scene for the later activation of the cardinal square. I find the best way to think about these influences is to see the grand trine as the inspiration, the ideal we want to reach, the direction our life is flowing in – trines are flowing aspects, they strengthen what is already there rather than bring in anything new. Neptune is dreams and Saturn is responsibility so it’s all about what we are doing in our lives that is reaching towards some greater ideal or vision. As the cardinal square becomes activated we get an opportunity to see what blocks us, what stands in our way and we also get a chance to do something about it – squares are productive and bring in new influences.

Mercury Grand Water Trine

This grand water trine/cardinal square influence totally colours the mood of June and July and ushers in the next major retrograde season – phew as if we haven’t had to deal with enough upheavals and turn-arounds over the past year or so, there are more on the way! Looking at the charts as each planet moves into the first exact aspect of the grand trine tells quite a story. First of all we have Mercury, trine to Neptune on 3rd June. In this chart Saturn is still heading backwards into the trine with Neptune, the Moon is just leaving the cardinal square suggesting that the mood of this chart is one of some sense of relief or ease after a bit of a rocky time. Chiron is in an exact square to the Sun suggesting that there are still some challenges ahead in terms of our sense of self and self-confidence feeling undermined or wounded in some way – Chiron is offering the potential to recognise this and work towards setting things right – so any areas where we find we are particularly sensitive, maybe over-sensitive at this time can indicate where the influences of the coming weeks can have greatest effect.

Venus Grand Water Trine

By the time Venus moves into the exact trine with Neptune just a few days later Neptune had turned and is starting to move retrograde – so the Mercury grand trine will have worked to expose some areas where Neptune needs to go back over the ground, understand where dreams have been unrealistic and find a more concrete approach to those things that inspire us. In this chart there is also an important secondary grand trine being formed by Chiron, Mercury and Psyche, underlining the healing potential of this time. Again there are likely to be areas where you feel extremely sensitive, maybe quite hurt – not helped by Mars forming an exact and challenging square to Neptune which can feel both brutal in terms of exposing unrealistic hopes and wishes and also creative in showing where something tangible can come of all this. Mars and Neptune also have a reputation for undermining physical well-being so watch your health at this time, especially if you are feeling at all under par.

Jupiter Grand Water Trine

Looking forward to when Jupiter moves into the grand trine we have Jupiter conjunct Mean Lilith indicating challenges to authority and support for those who feel rejected, marginalised or otherwise badly treated by society. We still have that secondary grand trine with Mercury (now retrograde and stationing about to turn direct), Psyche (on the North Node) and Chiron bringing a positive healing influence to bear and also ensuring that the flow of things is in line with the most positive direction our lives can take – the route of positive karma. Mercury is also triggering the cardinal square so at this time the energies of the grand trine and the cardinal square are really working together. Meanwhile Venus has moved well ahead of Mercury and is challenging both Uranus and Pluto through a Thor’s Hammer formation indicating that there is power to challenge the status quo constructively through Venusian qualities of valuing others and caring about the world around us. In this chart Saturn has now turned to move forwards and so brings a clear sense of what concrete steps can be taken to achieve the changes we want to see in our lives.

Mars Grand Water Trine

Just a short while later, as Mars moves into exact trine with Neptune Mercury has turned direct and is still forming an exact grand trine with Chiron and the North Node. Mercury has stood still on 13deg Cancer, exactly opposite what will later become the Venus station direct degree of 13deg Capricorn, so Mercury is sensitising that point. Meanwhile the Moon is moving into a conjunction with Pluto who has been forming the apex of a kite shape in all the charts for the grand trine. The Moon moving in here really gives a sense of lift and means we will be able to tune in more easily to the transformational potential of these times – there’s a great sense of being lifted up and able to see the bigger picture with this chart which should stand us in good stead as we prepare for the retrogrades to trigger the cardinal square and ensure that we really do something about those things we now know we need to – beginning with Jupiter’s move into his shadow, hot on the heels of Mars, in early August – more about that later.


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