Song of the earth – a backdrop to current transits

In a dramatic tale forming a backdrop to the more obvious action going on in the skies at the moment we have Quaoar, Sedna and Varuna forming a tight yod shape, bringing to life the energies characterised by their myths. At the apex of the yod is Quaoar, a mythological figure from the native peoples of the coast of Southern California. The story has largely been lost in the mists of time, covered over by the new mythologies of Christianity and the missionaries – but it has left traces and something of it can be told:

Quaoar is a creation deity, singing and dancing the world into being – born from chaos and saddened by the emptiness of existence he brings forth the sky and the earth, the Sun and the Moon and all other aspects of creation, each in turn joining the dance and playing their part. Quaoar is also a name given to a ficure who appreared after the first tyrannical ruler of the earth had been killed. His appearance coincided with the coming of death to the world and he has something of a saviour quality to him, showing human beings how to live in a world where there is death.

Photo of Quaoar by Paul Morris on Flickr

Photo of Quaoar by Paul Morris on Flickr

Quaoar is conjunct fixed stars Grumium, Lesath and Shaula. Grumium is in the constellation of the Dragon, who guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides. In Arabic mythology this star represented a mother camel protecting her babies from an attack of hyenas. So there is a theme of guarding or protecting here. Meanwhile Lesath and Shaula are right on the tip of the tail of the Scorpion, its sting. These stars are also known as ‘The Releasers’ and according to Vedic sources are thought to bring relief from lingering diseases. These stars are thought to suggest danger from wild beasts and their energy is similar to that of Mars and Mercury combined – somewhat sharp-tongued and hot-tempered. So Quaoar sits on a point where these energies come together and we are challenged to protect what is created from attacks of all kinds.

At the base of the yod and providing the stability to energise the apex of the yod we have Sedna and Varuna (moving from fixed star Wezen to Procyon). Sedna is the Inuit sea goddess who first came to our attention back in January when Things Stirred in the Deep. Sedna’s story is one of shocking abandonment and betrayal but in the end she finds her place and goddess of the deep ocean, icy seas and storms. She is conjunct fixed star Capulus, which is actually a cluster of stars, in the constellation of Perseus – on the hand that holds the sword. This part of the sky is said to indicate events that effect the masses – for instance storms and other effects of the weather. Sedna is also conjunct fixed star Segin, found in the constellation of the Ethiopian Queen Cassiopeia.  Cassiopeia was known for being both beautiful and proud, in fact her boastfulness led her to be chained to a chair and forced to circle the pole star upside down as a lesson in humility. Her influence combines the qualities of Venus and Saturn and so is good for the creation of beautiful things from the products of the earth – metals and precious stones, so we have the wild Inuit goddess of the ocean and storms reminding us not to be complacent about the beautiful things we have around us.


Varuna is a Vedic god of rain, water and the ocean, so a counterpart to Sedna – he is an all-seeing, all-knowing god who rides a sea monster and who is so fearful and awe-inspiring he comes close to being demonic. His work is to keep separate that which should be separate – day and night, sea and sky, form and chaos. He also punishes liars and those who don’t keep their word, capturing them with a noose – he is the cosmic hangman and Lord of the Dead. Playing his part in the base of this yod, Varuna is said to help show how to make impersonal energies personal, how to understand our role in the greater scheme of things.

So at the base of this yod we have deities connected to water and to storms, to wild (and angry if ill-treated) nature – at the same time as we have a grand trine in water. The energy here can help us to understand what the current times mean for us as individuals connected to a greater whole. They can help to show what role we are to play in the unfolding of events locally and globally and especially as it relates to our relationship with the earth. They form the base for the action which is channelled into Quaoar, creation and understanding how to live meaningfully. For those who know their personal chart look to where the yod lies, the houses and any planets it contacts in order to see how best to channel this energy.

For everyone this energy works to bring together the practicality of Taurus, the love of the earth and sensual things with the nurturing of Cancer and channel it into Sagittarius – a new philosophy and spirituality which benefits community and society rather than an elite.

QSV yod 713

Here is a very outline suggestion as to how this energy manifests according to your sun sign:

Aries:   Your personal resources and home provide a base to develop a more meaningful approach to the society you live in, you are freer to explore other cultures and new horizons when you have a secure base.

Taurus:   The ways you communicate with and relate to people immediately around you allows you to tap into deeper currents which brings greater understanding and more influence.

Gemini:   A search for something intangible or inexpressible cannot be followed without some security in the material world, the two must be balanced. Once this is achieved relationships come into being which lead towards the future.

Cancer:   Your interactions with friends and colleagues are vital in making the most of current transits, through paying attention to these you will find meaningful activity in working to support a cause you are passionate about.

Leo:   A desire for work that makes life feel meaningful and gives you a sense of life being worthwhile will come through supporting your creative ideals and being prepared to get out there and let the world see what you have made.

Virgo:   Friends and colleagues can support your religious and philosophical ideals, your challenge is to bring these into your home life and bring a sense of rejuvenation to that.

Libra:   Digging deep to understand undercurrents at work or with figures of authority brings knowledge that is useful for you and others, but you need to use this, to communicate it to those around you whether family or neighbours to help them too.

Scorpio:   Partnerships need to be informed by a shared philosophy or approach to society and community. Once this is achieved you will find you are able to make great gains on a material level – but only once the motivation is right.

Sagittarius:   You are very sensitive to the emotional undercurrents around you, they could even make you feel unwell, the task is to support the real, underlying motivations which encourage growth and sharing. You can do this by confidently setting an example and being true to yourself and your beliefs.

Capricorn:   Partnerships and relationships which bring a sense of joy will support your quest for greater meaning and a more fulfilling spirituality. These may be romantic relationships, or relationships with children, or creative partnerships, all these can support your spiritual growth.

Aquarius:   Working hard to ensure your home is a nurturing place to be is vital to ensure you can make the most of your influence amongst friends and colleagues. You need to make sure you have somewhere which allows you to recharge as much creative input is asked for outside of the home.

Pisces:   Children, either your own or in your neighbourhood encourage a sense of playfulness and inquisitiveness. This brings information you need to understand how you want your working life to reflect your deeper values and also gives the encouragement to put that into practice.

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