North Node connections – the future beckons

All is pretty quiet in the skies at the moment, maybe allowing us to catch our breath after the recent eclipses and associated transits – a time to collect ourselves and understand where we are, how we feel, what new things have appeared over the horizons of our lives. Things will slowly start to pick up pace in the next few days beginning with Mercury crossing the North Node for the third time in the space of a few weeks. The North Node shows the path of the future, what we are beckoned towards, new roads that open up for us. Often the North Node looks a bit scary or uncomfortable – a bit like a steep, rocky path up a mountain – but it’s the path of the future so you know the view from the top is going to be worth the effort.

rocky path up a mountain

This third pass of Mercury across the North Node is exact on the 7th (at 19:01 GMT). The chart for the time the pass becomes exact shows some tension with the ongoing cardinal square involving Uranus and Pluto emphasised by the Moon moving into Libra which can show arguments or disagreements both in our personal lives and in the wider world. Jupiter continues to move backwards in Gemini and is now closely conjunct Mean Lilith indicating issues to do with social structures such as law and religion are being challenged, again these challenges are likely to be felt both as a personal questioning and as questioning in established organisations – it is likely for instance that anger in the Church of England about the decision not to allow the ordination of women priests will be very close to the surface at this time. A further link to issues to do with faith, religion and spirituality are also indicated by asteroid Lilith moving from a conjunction to Neptune into a conjunction with Chiron. I noted here how Chiron and Lilith have been working together behind the scenes over this past year and as asteroid Lilith comes close to Chiron again we start to see the results of their work.

Mercury NN 1212

Add to this Mercury conjunct North Node moving into a square with Neptune it looks like any illusions we have had about the way things might work out are going to be stripped away. So the messages we might get from Mercury across the North Node might well challenge us to take a difficult and demanding path into the future where we are asked to deal with difficult issues rather than sweep them under the carpet. Along with this we might find that some of the news or messages come out of the blue – Mercury is moving towards a trine to Uranus, the planet that likes to spring surprises and shocks on the unsuspecting. Of course this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although it might make us a little uncomfortable for a while – it’s a matter of being clear what our own principles and standards are – something which may well have become clearer to us over the past few weeks while Mercury was moving backwards from Sagittarius into Scorpio.

At the moment Venus is close to Mercury, only a couple of steps behind him (although she won’t actually meet up with him until March next year) and she will also cross the North Node over the next few days – on 12th December at 22:53 GMT. The chart for this pass has shifted from the tension shown in the Mercury pass and now we have highlighted a yod formation that is very similar to the yod that was formed at the recent lunar eclipse underlining the way that Saturn and Pluto are working together at the moment. Jupiter and Lilith are at the apex of the yod and Mercury is heading towards the place where the Sun was at the eclipse. So, as Venus transits the North Node we begin to understand how our future path will involve building upon the long term changes indicated by Saturn and Pluto – deep rooted changes in the ways we live our lives, how we find security and stability and what we offer to the communities we live within.

Venus NN 1212

As Jupiter is the planet at the apex of the yod it’s worth having a look at the Sabian symbol for the degree he occupies as Venus crosses the North Node. It’s a symbol that suggests we will need to be prepared to take some risks as we head towards the future, that we will need to be able to balance our ability to think and act for ourselves and from our imaginations (our freewill) and also to understand and manage natural forces and learn not to push them so far that we crash and burn. It also suggests that we should have confidence in our ability to cope with those risks and turn the challenges into something spectacular:


KEYNOTE: A superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger.

Through the controlled use of mental powers man is able to challenge the most basic force in nature: gravitation. He enjoys playing with it as a lion tamer with his violent animals. But what he challenges is within himself as well as outside. Gravitation is the universal binding force of the material world. By challenging it man prepares himself to pierce beyond the physical and to reach higher realms of existence. He may lose the struggle, but that prospect makes the effort more exciting. He might gain “immortality.”

This is the final stage of the fourteenth sequence. The symbol for it has a strong sense of finality. No possibility of half measures exist. Man is committed irrevocably to success or failure — at least as a conscious and self-reliant mind. The alternatives are clear-cut. One may describe it as MIND vs. MATTER, or as Man’s will against the fate that gravitation so aptly symbolizes.