Cardinal squares and personal planets – summer 2012

Ever since 2010 two big-hitting planetary energies have been forming a square to one another; Uranus, planet of revolutions, shocks and inspiration is in Aries, the out-going, fiery sign of self-confidence and self-will. Meanwhile Pluto, planet of psychological and political power plays and transformation is in Capricorn, sign of responsibility, persistence, hard work. These two energies do not mesh well from this angle, but they do set up a sense of tense challenge and creative potential – the turbulence the world has seen over the past couple of years reflects very well the tension between these two planets.

Over the summer of 2012, starting now, we have a series of the inner, faster moving planets moving into challenging positions with this ongoing square each forming a t-square (two planets opposite one another and a third at 90˚ to each of the other two) with the slower moving planets. These faster moving planets are often called ‘personal planets’ and can show where we can integrate and make use of the more general energies of the slower moving planets in our own lives.

Mercury opposite Pluto square Uranus

The first planet to move into alignment with the Uranus/Pluto square is Mercury, reaching a peak on Monday 11th June when all the planets involved are at 8˚ of the respective signs. Having spent a nice little interlude with Neptune he now locks horns with somewhat harsher energies. With Mercury being involved there could be cross words spoken, arguments, conflicting ideas and ideals that need to be worked through. With Pluto being involved someone might feel manipulated – it might be you, or it might be that you make someone else feel manipulated. Chances are it isn’t deliberate if that is the case, you’re just trying to be persuasive, but it might not feel like that to the other person. Mercury is entering into the fray from Cancer, sign of nurturing, home, family, security – it could well be that this energy starts to show within your family circle as different ideas and conflicting directions start to demand negotiation and compromise. This is a pattern of squares, which though harsh is creative and productive – if you do feel this energy strongly try to stay centred and empathetic at the same time. Mercury still feels those softer vibes from Neptune so that should help.

Sun opposite Pluto square Uranus

Not long after Mercury has done his stint in this planetary line up the Sun comes along to have a go – June 29th is the most intense day for his part in this. While Mercury was all about communication and getting through to people the Sun is much more interested in action and whether people are following through and what they said. To me the Sun in Cancer is like the main man in the family, he wants to be looked up to, admired, it makes him feel like he’s doing a good job of looking after those he cares about. But with the energy of Uranus and Pluto pushing at him there are likely to be ego conflicts and questions about roles, respect, ambitions and so on. From Cancer again it still puts the focus on home and family issues, although wherever Cancer is in your own personal chart will also have an effect.

Sun-god by Matt Rhodes

Mars opposite Uranus square Pluto

In the middle of July Mars puts a different spin on things. He also enters into a t-square pattern but he does so from Libra. Now Mars will have just spent a very long stint doing much hard work in the dutiful sign of Virgo and although he isn’t very comfortable in Venus’s home sign of Libra he will still be wanting to stretch his wings and lighten up a bit. As he’s opposite Uranus in his own sign of Aries some kind of internal conflict is suggested with Mars, the dynamic energy that gives us our sense of being an effective and productive person, thinking about relationships (Libra) and also just about what he wants to do for himself and new ideas about how he wants his life to be (Uranus in Aries). Meanwhile Pluto sits between these two in responsible Capricorn saying actually now is the time for hard work and if you don’t knuckle down and pay attention to the work you have to do none of your ideas are going to come off. Not the message Mars wants to hear having spent all that time in Virgo, but in general it seems as though he’s content to go with that as it helps to resolve that internal tension. Nevertheless that tension is still there and can erupt in unexpected ways – look out for accidents, breakages and so on as well as occasional eruptions of frustration around 17th to 25th July.

Venus opposite Pluto square Uranus

In mid August Venus re-awakens the Cancer side of the t-square – Venus in Cancer is all about home comforts, pleasant surroundings, things that make us feel secure and nurtured. It’s also about female family members and opposite Pluto in Capricorn may lead to some undercurrents in family circles of people feeling that they are somehow being made to work harder at something than they feel they should or they want to. The undercurrents are emotional rather than words-based as when Mercury was here. There are deep rooted needs that have to be acknowledged and met but which some might feel are being ridden over rough-shod. The outlet is Uranus in Aries which erupts in actions all about ‘sod it, I’m going to put me first’. Really this is all about finding the right balance and acknowledging needs for comfort and shelter and at the same time knowing that the hard work is being done and everyone is playing their fair part. Again it’s productive, but not without tension and clashes and from Cancer can be from right within where you would want to feel safest. It only lasts a week or so from the 13th August – a good time to remember to take a deep breath, count to ten and tune into your higher self.

On into Autumn

As we move out of the summer and into Autumn the mood changes as the final passes through that t-square will come from Libra rather than Cancer highlighting close one-to-one relationships, partnerships and so on.

Mercury opposite Uranus square Pluto (20th – 21st September)

Oooh, this looks like arguments! With any luck you have people around you who enjoy a really good debate and then you can find a great outlet for this energy! Or maybe you work in law or politics – again a great outlet for this energy, just try not to identify too much with your ideas and listen to what the other person has to say. If you don’t find a productive outlet for ideas, words, a generally argumentative feeling then it could easily erupt into the kind of nonsensical cross words and arguments with those we are close to that we regret later. Deep breath, count to ten, what is it you really want to say? And remember to listen to everything the other person has to say first before composing your response – that way you might come up with interesting, surprising and workable solutions to problems, rather than a sore head and a heart full of feeling sorry.

Sun opposite Uranus square Pluto (28th – 30th September)

Sun in Libra is all about relationships, pleasing times, being cultured, discussing (not arguing) and achieving a pleasant sense of balance in life.Challenged by Uranus it isn’t so easy to achieve this because Uranus keeps throwing a spanner in works, making suggestions for new things to do, new ideas, other ways of doing things – he likes to rock the boat whereas the Sun in Libra wants to sail forth in a more dignified manner. Watching this interplay is Pluto who is a bit impatient of this to-ing and fro-ing and wants to get some serious work done, he’s inclined to dig beneath the superficial arguments and ego clashes of the Sun and Uranus and want to dredge up deeper motives. This can be useful if you really want to (or need to) achieve a balance, but if you quite like the friction of a bit of good humoured debate now is not the time to get into deep psychological unpicking of your partner’s motives. It is easy at this time for both the Sun and Uranus to draw on the ‘heavy’ Pluto influence and hurl it at one another, but remember this could do way more harm than good – at the end of September remember to think about whether you really want to capsize the boat or whether you’re prepared to go with a little rocking for a few days. It’s up to you, just remember to think about it.

Turner – the wreck of a transport ship

Venus opposite Uranus square Pluto (1st – 5th November)

The final pass through the t-square comes with Venus through Libra at the beginning of November. Venus is happy in Libra, and she’s strong and self confident. The tense square between Uranus and Pluto is separating a bit – if those last passes of Mercury and the Sun put a strain on personal relationships now could be a good time to figure out what happened and resolve any un-dealt-with issues. True, a square to Pluto is still emotionally taxing and can leave you feeling vulnerable to manipulation and psychological blackmail, but like I say Venus is strong in Libra and if anyone is able to get the most productive result out of the t-square then it’s her at this point. A sense of humour goes a long way and Venus in Libra has a great sense of humour – she can even laugh at the antics of Uranus in Aries and not feel too threatened by them. If you are a creative person – artist, performer, gardener etc now is a great time to tune into some really special creative vibes and come up with unusual and inspirational ideas – enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Cardinal squares and personal planets – summer 2012

  1. Your analysis is a wonderful gift, as these inner planet transits will be ennervating the continual pummel of Pluto and Uranus on my Cardinal Cross … the Nodes this time. Hopefully by Autumn, the pressure cooker will be done with its 4 year simmer of my natal Sun-Moon-Saturn-Nodes. I hope to evolve from the cauldron singed, wrinkled and wracked ~ yet finally free!

    • Hi! I’m glad you liked it and found it useful – there’s so much going on in the skies at the moment! Oh, the transformations of Pluto and the karma of the nodes… I’m sure you will emerge like a phoenix!

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  3. Salcoromell, your work is insightful, deep, revealing. Thank you! When reading your writings I have a deeper look into myself and the world around. Your are very, very right person for what you are doing.

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