Eclipse patterns and trends – April-May 2013

There are some important patternings in the coming series of eclipses which indicate a potential constructive direction for their energy, a way to ‘tune-in’ to the energy and make the most of it. First of all, Jupiter – as I pointed out in ‘Room to Grow’ at the time of the first eclipse on April 25th Jupiter has just left his shadow. His way is clear ahead for some time as he moves on towards Cancer and his retrograde phase of later this year. Jupiter rules things connected with the societies we live in, the social and community structures that organise our lives together, as well as the underlying philosophies that shape those structures. He is an expansive, philosophical and optimistic planet and is freed up to bring those energies into play through the unfolding story of the eclipses.

April 2013 lunar eclipse


By the time of the solar eclipse on May 10th Jupiter has moved on to 19deg Gemini which is no big shakes in itself, especially as he doesn’t make any major aspects to any other planets. However he is in an exact semi-sextile (1/12th of a circle) with the eclipse and an exact inconjunct (5/12th of a circle) with Psyche (more about her in a moment). In fact Jupiter has positioned himself at a sensitive point for this eclipse, priming it for the energy of the lunar eclipse on 25th May.

By the time of that lunar eclipse Jupiter has moved off 19Gemini, but Venus and Mercury are both conjunct it along with True Lilith. What this suggests is that the coming Lunar eclipse can highlight issues in our philosophies, our beliefs and the ways that we live them which we can act on over the coming months. The time of the solar eclipse can make it clearer just what these issues are while the lunar eclipse of May can show what we need to do in our personal lives to bring these changes into effect. The presence of Lilith indicates that we might be surprised or even shocked by the intensity of how we feel about these issues. Lilith can also indicate that these issues may well be concerned with the earth, the environment or with the rejected and dispossessed in some ways. It is interesting in the light of that to consider the Sabian symbol for this degree:


KEYNOTE: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

From the One, the Many arise in due time. The Original Source gives birth to the mountain stream which, gathering to itself the down-flow of rain water, becomes the large river around which cities are built. These in turn pollute the river on its way to the vast ocean. This modern symbol expresses the fact that man, now at the close of a cultural cycle, is able to gather foodstuffs – mental as well as physical – from many regions of the globe. His diet has acquired a planet-wide foundation; history tells us that the search for salt and spices, then for commodities rare in local regions, provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination.

This is the last symbol of the sixteenth five-fold sequence. As is most often the case such a fifth stage implies a certain kind of synthesis or at least a preparation which leads to a new level. The keynote here is indeed ASSIMILATION; the negative potentiality of the symbol is WASTE.

In terms of global affairs it would not surprise me if these eclipses indicate the beginning of the world taking more seriously issues around food security – especially when we think about the symbolism of the coming Mars retrograde which I outlined in Mars and the Shamanic Quest.

May 2013 solar eclipse


At the lunar eclipse of April 25th Psyche is exactly on the point of the last solar eclipse back in November 2012 – this indicates that this lunar eclipse is picking up some resonance from that solar eclipse and is helping to bring into existence some of the seeds that were sown back then. By the time of the solar eclipse on May 10th 2013 Psyche has moved into an exact opposition with the Sun and Moon. The opposition can indicate energies, ideas or ideals which we find hard to combine within ourselves and suggest a number of ways to address them – for instance we can join forces with other people who have strengths that complement our weaknesses, or we can find an approach that does manage to combine the two, a common cause or shared belief – a way in which the energies can be seen to be working together even though they are separate, working as our two hands do when we play the piano.

By the time of the lunar eclipse on May 25th Psyche is in an exact conjunction with the North Node, the path of future karma, or direction in which our deepest, truest desires wish to move. Through the eclipses Psyche is working to integrate into our lives something that we truly, madly, deeply want to see made real in the world. This is no passing wish or whim, it is something deeper. Plus in Scorpio this conjunction between Psyche and the North Node is not about romantic fantasies and a nice, ‘happily ever after’ life style – this is deep, powerful and political and if we choose to move with the flow of things can bring profound changes into our lives – changes which deep down we want to see.

Again, a look at the Sabian symbols can indicate something of the nature of these changes, and the symbol for 17 Scorpio where she meets the North Node is full of imagery of powerful potential:


KEYNOTE: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within.

In contrast to the outgoing smile of the girl in the preceding symbol, here we see the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God.

This second phase of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence brings to us the realization of normally hidden potentialities in the average human being of our day. Faith in the Divine is shown here being concretely justified. The human person becomes a “mother of the Living God.” This is THE TRANSPERSONAL WAY of existence. It is the way that leads to creative mutations.

May lunar eclipse 2013(A link to my post about the May lunar eclipse – we can see clearly now)


Some months ago I wrote about Lilith and her different manifestations in astrological charts. With these eclipses Lilith in her many guises is showing her power and significance. At the lunar eclipse of April Jupiter is enclosed within the Lilith corridor – in other words he is sandwiched between Mean Lilith[i] and True Lilith. This means Jupiter (important for the eclipse energies as we have already seen) is picking up on the energies of Lilith and being challenged to incorporate these into whatever he does going forward. So our philosophies and beliefs are being urged to take on board issues that we may not be consciously aware of, attitudes that affect the world we live in without our being properly aware of them – Jupiter is being pushed into bringing these out into the open. Often with Lilith there is a theme of rage or shame or guilt or rejection and there may be some uncomfortable realisations as we come to understand the impact of our attitudes, our unspoken beliefs or things we had taken for granted.

By the time of the solar eclipse Mean Lilith and True Lilith are together, both on 26 Gemini and directly opposite Centaur Hidalgo, a fighter for just causes, defender of the rights of the poor and the oppressed. We get hints here that Lilith is focussing her attention on justice (Jupiter) for the poor and the marginalised and dispossessed or oppressed. Lilith also represents the Earth and nature so concerns about that are coming to the fore and demanding to be addressed – and she is challenging us to take a stand. Between the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse asteroid Lilith travels across the South Node, raising issues from the past that need to be addressed. Moreover asteroid Lilith is in exact conjunction with the eclipse indicating that the eclipse will allow some of the passions and concerns of that which Lilith represents to come through and be seen in the physical world. The solar eclipse is also conjunct asteroid Pallas, herself a warrior figure in mythology and goddess of heroic quests and endeavours. Pallas is a strategist and is lending her talents to assist asteroid Lilith and so helping those who are represented by Lilith to work out effective ways to bring about meaningful change.

By the lunar eclipse of May true Lilith is colouring the energy of the Mercury/Venus conjunction and we are urged to ensure that our ways of living support the needs of the earth and of minorities of all kinds, while asteroid Lilith continues to travel with Pallas working to make a will to bring about change meaningful in terms of the world around us and not just in our heads or hearts. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are all inside the Lilith corridor so the energy to bring these issues into the open is powerful and difficult to resist – but why would we want to resist it? I suppose if we have a nice comfortable lifestyle that basically feeds off the efforts of others then the changes indicated might not be that welcome, but for most of the world, and most of the people in the world the eclipses suggest changes which could be long overdue.


For astrologers, philosophers and just generally people who like to think about things astrological from different points of view – a thought provoking essay regarding the seed metaphor and astrology from Juan Revilla here (it helps to get away from the idea that everything is fixed for us at birth and let us think about how to make the most of coming times):

Juan Revilla – On the Seed Metaphor

Also from Juan Revilla some interesting thoughts on the significance of Asteroid Lilith here:

Juan Revilla – asteroid Lilith

[i] Mean Lilith always makes me laugh as it sounds as though she’s being spiteful – it actually refers to it being an averaged position, smoothing over the wild oscillations of True Lilith.


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