Saturn and the 2013 eclipses

Eclipse energy is odd because it is both a combination and intensification of energies (the Sun and Moon) and also a darkening or hiding of those energies. They are like seeds sown in the sky and as planets move over the positions the eclipse fell in the energy becomes activated and the impact of the eclipse becomes easier to see.

Very often it is Mars that most clearly activates the eclipse energy – the Moon, Mercury and Venus do energise it but since they move so quickly it’s not always easy to see. Mars himself has a lot of energy and so the impact when he passes over sensitive points in the zodiac is much clearer. Outer planets (those beyond Mars) will also have a powerful effect if they pass over the eclipse point, but very often they are in completely different parts of the sky and don’t move quickly enough to reach the eclipse point while it is still sensitised. The effect of eclipses is said to last as long in years as the eclipse lasts in hours but since the slower moving planets can take years to pass through a single sign they are often too slow to activate the eclipse point.

old father time

This current set of eclipses is different because we have Saturn involved. Saturn is moving through Scorpio and so is the North Node, this means that Saturn is in the right part of the sky to move across the eclipse points while they are still sensitised. The involvement of Saturn always brings with it issues to do with restrictions, limits, responsibility, hard work and making things real – Saturn only really likes to get involved with things that are going to produce long-term, lasting results and that is what he brings to these eclipses. As Saturn moves to activate the eclipse points we might see issues being raised in our lives that point to obstacles we need to overcome in order to get the results we want. We are likely to see projects that will require hard work and commitment coming to light and promises of success only if we are prepared to work hard and for a long while – no quick wins or fast fixes here, Saturn is wanting to lay strong foundations and if that takes time then so be it.

First of all he moves backwards to contact the April 25th lunar eclipse point of 5˚ Scorpio at the beginning of June – as he is moving backwards this is likely to raise issues to do with the past, areas of our life that are not producing results will have to go and this pass of Saturn over the eclipse point may make it very obvious what these areas are. As Saturn turns to head forwards again over the summer he re-contacts this point at the beginning of August, doing a double check to make sure that the ground work has been done and there are no stray issues left that are going to get in the way.

Like a good farmer, Saturn wants us to inspect our 'crops' and pull out any which are rotten or diseased

Like a good farmer, Saturn wants us to inspect our ‘crops’ and pull out any which are rotten or diseased

In between activating the lunar eclipse point and moving on to activate the solar eclipse point Saturn also influences the mood of the November 2013 solar eclipse as he is conjunct the eclipse. So the November solar eclipse also has a Saturnine message of hard work and commitment before reaping long term rewards. Saturn will not activate this point himself but he sows seeds there for Mars to pick up on in July 2014 once he has completed his retrograde phase.

the end of 2013 Saturn moves on to activate the solar eclipse of May 10th 2013 bringing with himself opportunities to build a stronger basis of support for whatever projects were begun under the influence of that eclipse during May. As is usual with Saturn he will have little patience for projects or people who are not pulling their weight and putting in the necessary effort to make things work and so we are likely to see people, ideas and projects disappear from our lives if they stand in the way of us achieving something meaningful. This can be painful, especially if we have become fond of people or dreams or ideas and so Saturn will slowly but surely extract them from our lives – he will pass over this point again, going backwards at the end of May 2014 and then again going forwards at the beginning of September 2014.

The outcomes of these eclipses could last beyond our imaginings if we are prepared to put in the work - we are building a future for our great-grandchildren to inherit

The outcomes of these eclipses could last beyond our imaginings if we are prepared to put in the work – we are building a future for our great-grandchildren to inherit

Meanwhile Saturn moves on to bring a very powerful activation of the lunar eclipse point of May 25th 2013 as he stations on that same degree in March 2015 re-passing it in November 2015. This eclipse itself is very minor and will be very difficult to notice in astronomical terms unless we know what we are looking for. And the same can be said with the astrological effects; the seeds sown by this eclipse may lie dormant for some time but if we know what we are looking for Saturn’s station on this point will allow us to bring back into our lives something which passed out of it at the end of May 2013, but now it can return in a much more productive and helpful manner.


Dates to watch

look a couple of days either way for Mars activations which will be quicker and more obvious than Saturn ones. Look a few days either way for Saturn activations which are the ones to show where the hard work should be directed.

April 25 2013 – lunar eclipse 1

April 28 2013 – Mars activates lunar eclipse 1

May 10 2013 – solar eclipse 1

May 16 2013 – Mars activates solar eclipse 1

May 25 2013 – lunar eclipse 2

June 2 2013 – Saturn retrograde activates lunar eclipse 1

June 6 2013 – Mars activates lunar eclipse 2

August 11 2013 – Saturn direct activates lunar eclipse 1

November 3 2013 – solar eclipse 2

December 23 2013 – Saturn direct activates solar eclipse 1

May 17 2014 – Saturn retrograde activates solar eclipse 1

August 15 2014 – Mars activates solar eclipse 2

September 20 2014 – Saturn direct activates solar eclipse 1

February 11 2015 – Saturn activates lunar eclipse 2 (and stations there until April 15)

November 1 2015 – Saturn passes lunar eclipse 2 point marking the end of the ‘Saturn eclipses’


For indication as to the significance of these eclipses here are the top lines from the Sabian symbols:

Lunar eclipse 1 – 6˚Scorpio


KEYNOTE: The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.


Solar eclipse 1 – 20˚ Taurus


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.


Lunar eclipse 2 – 5˚ Sagittarius


KEYNOTE: A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.


Solar eclipse 2 – 12˚ Scorpio


KEYNOTE: Group-consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.



5 thoughts on “Saturn and the 2013 eclipses

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  5. Thank you for this great post. My little 5 year old son’s descendant was exactly conjunct by the moon of the 25 May 2013 lunar eclipse. You say it will be ‘strongly activated by station saturn’ on 11 febraury 2015.
    What could this imply to a little boy?
    Thank you

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