Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The solar eclipse at 19˚ Taurus on 10th May is a pretty power-packed eclipse as it is moving out of the assertive energy of Mars, but is still influenced by that energy as the eclipse is conjunct Mars. Mercury is also conjunct the eclipse, he falls between Mars and the eclipse and is moving into the eclipse energy so the eclipse is likely to bring unexpected news, messages, meetings or journeys. The eclipse itself is exactly conjunct asteroid Lilith, that aspect of Lilith energy which is most easy to see, to know and to understand in the material world. The eclipse is also exactly conjunct minor planet Pallas, defender of the democratic city of Athens in myth, and a great warrior, strategist. This then is an eclipse which speaks of defending the rights (Pallas) of minorities, the excluded and rejected (Lilith).

Amazon Indians from the Xingu, Tapajos and Teles Pires river basins invade the Belo Monte dam project in Vitoria do Xingu

Defend rights of the excluded

It is a south Node eclipse and so deals with issues from the past, bringing to light things that need to be acknowledged and addressed. It falls exactly opposite Psyche on the North Node suggesting that the way forward is also the soul’s deepest desire and lies through Scorpio – sign of politics, psychology and shared resources – banking, economics and what we will pass on for the next generation to inherit (the North Node is about the future).

I can’t help but think this eclipse speaks powerfully of world events and is somehow less concerned with personal issues than is often the case with eclipses. Of course it will impact upon us individually though and in terms of our personal experiences this eclipse will activate the same parts of our chart as the solar eclipse on November 13th last year. If we think back to then, or to any events around the middle of January this year as Mars passed over that place and activated the energy, we will get a hint of what it means for us as individuals.

bankers, politicians etc - where's the justice

Mars will activate the energy of this eclipse within days of the eclipse itself, so things will move pretty quickly setting things in motion just in time for the next exact pass of the cardinal square. All in all it looks as though the action is picking up pace with this eclipse which could be pretty exhausting if we aren’t careful – with the eclipse falling in Taurus the best way to look after ourselves and make sure we get the most out of this energy is to eat good, fresh food, enjoy the natural world whenever possible and spend some time doing things that make your body feel good – anything from going barefoot in the grass to a soak in a deep, bubbly bath!

Read more about long term eclipse patterns

A great read from Astrology King

And the write-up from Darkstar Astrology

Check out Willow’s Web too, she hadn’t done a solar eclipse reading yet when I wrote this but she’s right on the money in terms of raising the global/political/ethical issues being highlighted by these eclipses.

And more about how Saturn is involved in these eclipses and can help to bring about lasting change.


12 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Taurus

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    • Yes it should be pretty interesting, it’s on my dsc and I have asteroid Lilith return too which fits as I am getting up real close and personal to some seriously excluded, poor and marginalised people…

      • Be interesting to see how it pans out with Pallas there. I do love Lilith,most underrated , or rather disowned.

      • The next few days should start to show a lot of the impact as Mars moves to the eclipse degree.

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  3. Coromell:

    I posted this initially on your Ixion Pholus article, but since currently tied to the eclipse of yesterday perhaps better discussed here.

    Currently we have Jupiter in Gemini opposition Ixion and Pholus transit. I think this is a bigger message to explore. With the current Solar Eclipes and Venus emerging into Gemini it seems Jupiter is leading the way. Since the eclipse is also conjunct Mars there seems a very revealing ‘uncorking’ to the Ixion Pholus story theme and signs are certainly playing out in the Media. Especially sadly of the 3 abducted women in Ohio who are just today! consciously revealing their stories of the perpetrators horrible abuse.

    • Hi Leanne and thanks for your thoughts. Interesting, I was just musing on how the recent transit of Jupiter triggered the solar eclipse point of December 2011 at 18 Gemini. Jupiter is still moving through the degrees sensitised by the Venus Rx and her mythical descent into the underworld and his movement is coloured by the ongoing movements of Mean and True Lilith which keep bringing him into and out of the Lilith corridor. So yes, as he opposes the Ixion and Pholus conjunction justice is demanded for past abuses. Meanwhile Ceres has just opposed Pluto – I think the bigger picture is a Lilith coloured realisation and fury at the fact that we live in a world where such things can happen. This story stands as a marker for those in the developed West, but also think of the young girls and women trafficked from the developing world to serve the sex trade, – many mothers still searching for ‘disappeared’ young women from Guatemala for instance. Meanwhile here in W Africa (and much of the ‘developing’ world) women die in pregnancy and childbirth not because they are ill but because crucial resources are diverted into the hands of corrupt politicians. To me the world is changing and Lilith and the earth energies work to bring things back into balance – but as that happens we will continue to be shocked by the extent of the horror, abuses and damage – on a worldwide scale, to people and to the earth…

      • Thank you for your observations. Yes the Tyrant is in cyclical process being broken down. How long will it take though is the question. I stumbled upon this theme because I noticed in opposition to my natal Venus-Mars conjunction at 9H Gemini, both at 20 some degrees, my Natal Mars is exact, precise opposition to natal Lilith found at 20.31 Sagittarius. I have found so much conflicting information on this asteroid/ cataur Lilith that I finally gave up looking for clues. But then, quite by accident I noticed Ixion and Pholus were there as well and what do you know, popped up your article i saved on my desktop that I researched a couple of months ago. The whole myological play seems a familiar unending planet tone. We can only hope with increased consciousness, Venus’ Absolution will finally be at hand! (I would like to believe my Mars contribution, conjunct to Venus and in opposition to Natal Lilith, in playing out his role, is helping to transform and balance this energy in some way?).

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