Psyche in the retrogrades – an update

Just as the moon moves into her dark or balsamic phase, as she gets so close to the sun that we can’t see her and all the sun’s light is falling on the side of her facing away from the earth, I noticed something about this coming new moon.

Virgo new moon chart with Psyche, Cupid and Chaos

I already said that it falls on the Mars retrograde degree of earlier this year and because it is a new moon she marks an ending of one cycle and the beginning of another – a cycle that is connected to the events or feelings that arose during the Mars retrograde period. At that time Psyche was being put through her paces – she and Eros were together and both connected to Mars, suggesting that there was some energy between them that was being tested, examined or challenged. Eros soon left that gathering leaving Psyche to face Mars alone, which she did in style, finally sitting on the Mars retrograde degree and squaring up to Venus just as Venus completed her own retrograde phase and left her own shadow.

Now, interestingly, Psyche has come to the fore again, just before the new moon, and she is conjunct Cupid, the Roman version of the Greek Eros, and opposite the degree where the Venus superior conjunction will take place at the end of next March. Psyche teaming up with Cupid at this point in the zodiac, while there is a new moon on the Mars retrograde degree and square the Venus retrograde degree is deeply symbolic and gives a hint of things to come over the next months as Venus moves towards that superior conjunction.

Psyche, having gone through a lot of soul searching over the past months is now teamed up with her soulmate or soul’s purpose again. This soul purpose (I call it that because it could be so much more than another person or ‘soulmate’) might look a little different from how it looked earlier in the year, but it is essentially the same – the Greek and Roman myths are almost identical.

Cupid finds Psyche

In another little twist and link into the retrograde cycles this new moon also sees Jupiter sitting on the Venus transit degree, that point in the zodiac cycle where Venus, overshadowed by the power of the Sun, sees the truth of what has been going on (remember Ixion and Pholus) and understands what must be done. Jupiter now on that same degree is reminding us that there is still work to be done and that this entire cycle is not over until Venus has made the superior conjunction, marking the integration of issues raised during the Venus retrograde. We also need to wait until Mars has conjuncted the Sun, which he does mid April next year, marking the integration of issues raised during the Mars retrograde and Venus and Jupiter have made their conjunction marking the integration of the personal and social required of these retrogrades, and which happens at the end of May next year.

In the meantime, Jupiter is sent retrograde following his contact with Chaos. This happens shortly after the next full moon which also highlights the superior conjunction degree and sees Psyche and Eros moving into a trine formation with Jupiter. Yes, there is still some way to go before this little tale is finished being told but this new moon marks a significant turning point, a time when the debris from the Mars retrograde should finally be cleared away and we are ready for new ventures and have a renewed faith in whatever it is that gives our life meaning.

A new moon marking the end of what had been the Mars shadow marks a new beginning, the ground cleared of the remains from that retrograde and ready for the next phase.

The Sabian symbols for Psyche and Cupid at the new moon is very interesting given Jupiter’s closeness to Chaos and Psyche’s wanderings in completion of the tasks set by Venus:


KEYNOTE: The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.

There are always moments which focus in our minds the longing to re-ground ourselves in the great achievements of the past. The number 3 suggests completeness; esoteric traditions speak of the three-fold Soul, or of three fundamental “Rays” — of Power, of Love-Wisdom, and of Intelligence-in-action. Meditation, in its deepest sense, is a return to Source — an attempt to re-identify oneself with one’s archetypal essence of being, which is triune in manifestation, and now) after confused but challenging wanderings, to identify oneself consciously with this “essence.” The finer forms of one’s culture provide the means to do this. The great moments of the collective past become an inspiration for new, yet sound, beginnings. The seed of tomorrow salutes the seed of yesteryear.

At this fourth stage of the thirty-eighth sequence it is suggested that in the process of “Transfiguration” the presence of the greatest moments of the past is called upon, as Moses and Elijah were invoked in Jesus’ Transfiguration. The seed of the new day depends upon the seed of yesteryear for an experience of the cyclic continuity of spirit. This is the basis for the institutionalized ideal of APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION, the guruampara(an uninterrupted chain of gurus) of Indian tradition.

Finally, it is worth remembering that all the while Psyche undergoes her trials set by Venus borne of her love for Eros/Cupid she is pregnant with his child. Once reunited with him she gives birth to a daughter called Pleasure – an indication that our soul’s purpose should bring us pleasure, and that is something we should be look for and can get a hint of this weekend. Not just a passing delight and pleasantness, but a deeply rooted joy – that is an indication that you have found your soul’s purpose, that which it yearns for and which we should be able to get a glimpse of at the moment.

This page follows the earlier post ‘Psyche in the retrogrades’:


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