Things stir in the deep…

Interesting things are afoot as we enter the last half of January and Jupiter slows right down before turning forwards again. Interesting moves and energies that want us to dredge up memories from the deep, memories frozen in time or pushed out of our awareness but that have been slowly starting to stir, ever since the solar eclipse back in Nov ember and even before that, the waking of  ‘chaos’ as Jupiter turned retrograde (backwards) in October and the subtle activation of the degrees where both Mars and Venus turned Retrograde earlier in 2012. Of particular interest in this awakening is the Trans-Neptunian Object Poseidon and the small, minor planets of Quaoar and more especially Sedna.

eclipse 1112 with transits 31113

In the eclipse chart of last November we can see that Quaoar was opposite the Venus Rx degree at 23+ Sagittarius, Vesta was on the Venus Rx degree of 23+Gemini (square the Mars Rx degree) and Sedna was opposite the eclipse on 23+Taurus (trine the Mars Rx degree). So that eclipse was charged with an energy that linked it to the earlier retrograde cycles of Venus and Mars  and indicated something of how the eclipse would play out in our lives over the ensuing months.

Quaoar’s position in this chart indicates that something of the energies from both the Venus Rx and the eclipse will emerge from unexpected, even apparently chaotic or irrational encounters with others (she makes an opposition to the Rx point which can often indicate experiences that come through or with others). The reason they may be chaotic or irrational is linked back to Quaoar’s namesake, the Tongva people’s creator who sings and dances life from chaos beginning with Weywot (Father Sky) and Chehooit (Mother Earth) – Quaoar brings that creative energy, that urge towards life that can apparently conjure something out of nothing, bring meaning to meaninglessness, bring order from chaos – that is her gift to the energy of the eclipse.

Dance of Creation - art print by SerSon

Dance of Creation – art print by SerSon

Vesta has moved to the apex of the yod with Saturn and Pluto and is bringing to that yod the insights she gained as she passed the Venus Rx degree. Since then she has passed back through almost all the same degrees that Venus covered, hot on the tails of Jupiter. It seems she is on a mission to make the status quo (those planets of tradition, time, authority and power that are Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) listen to her and what she has to say. My sense is that Vesta, keeper of the hearth and the sacred flame wants to challenge the status quo to ask them what they are really doing to understand and honour the creative gifts we have been given. After all, the reason why the sacred flame had to be kept alight harks back to the beginning of time and human consciousness when fire was not all that easy to come by – it was a gift from the gods that marked humans out from other animals. It is a small spark of divine consciousness that we need to treasure and guard carefully – Vesta challenges the status quo to ask whether that is what we have really been doing, or whether we have just been taking it for granted. Do we remember and acknowledge that part of our consciousness which comes from the divine, or have we become so wrapped up in our own structures, institutions and beliefs that we have lost a sense of wonder, humility and awe?

Prometheus by Rubens.Prometheus brought fire to humans in order to help them, this angered Zeus who condemned him to be forever chained to a cliff and have his liver plucked out daily by an Eagle.

Prometheus by Rubens.
Prometheus brought fire to humans in order to help them, this angered Zeus who condemned him to be forever chained to a cliff and have his liver plucked out daily by an Eagle.

But really, the big story I want to talk about here relates to Sedna. At the end of the month the South Node and Sedna will meet up, within 1 degree of the eclipse. Sedna is a tiny planet in the furthest reaches of the solar (soular) system. Sedna’s discovery just a few years ago tripled the size of the known extent of that solar system. She lies way beyond Pluto and has a far deeper connection to the depths of space, the uncontrolled (uninfluenced by the Sun) and unknown.

Her myth is one of profound transformation, of the power of the feminine originally suppressed and abused becoming powerful and indomitable. I like Kim Falconer’s re-telling of the myth:

The Inuit Sedna

Sedna resides in the icy depths of Adlivun, the Arctic underworld beneath the sea. There she rules all marine life, and controls the fate of humans by releasing her bounty to respectful hunters and withholding it from the careless. Disregard for the sacredness of life is the worst offence. When this happens, her long hair tangles with filth and requires a shaman’s journey to appease her rage.

The legends vary, though in most Sedna was once a beautiful girl. Many suitors came to ask for her hand in marriage yet she rejected them all, often to her father’s anguish. When one wealthy hunter was refused, he gave her his dog, saying it was all she deserved. She then marries the dog and gives birth to pups and babes alike.

Ironically, a dog to the Inuit symbolizes faithfulness to one’s own spirit, making this union a mark of individuation, completion. The hunter and her father, however, are appalled. When the dog-husband carries food to his banished offspring, Sedna’s father places stones in his pack so he drowns.

Still, Sedna continues to refuse all suitors until a mysterious man arrives dressed in very fine skins and feathers. Intrigued by the promise of warmth and abundance, she agrees to wed. Her husband’s guarantee of comfort vanishes when Sedna realizes he is a Fulmar, a dangerous bird spirit living on a desolate island. Although he brings her fresh fish every day, there is no warmth, no furs, and no lamp oil. She falls into despair, wailing her lament. Her father eventually hears her and comes to her rescue.

In yet another version, Sedna is the child of two deities. Though well fed, she is a hungry girl and chews into her parents’ flesh while they sleep. For this she is sent into exile. In every version, Sedna ends up in a kayak with her father. A terrible storm ensues, stirred by the angry Fulmar or other offended spirits. Her father fears for his life and tosses Sedna overboard. When she grasps the side of the kayak and tries to climb back in, he chops her frozen fingers off, one by one with an axe. As her finger joints fall into the sea, they turn into seals, whales, polar bears, fish, dolphins and walruses. Sedna sinks below the waves, her upper body remaining in the form of a woman and her lower body transforming into a fish or dolphin.


So Sedna becomes goddess of the ocean with all its life-sustaining gifts coming from her transformation. In Inuit culture, when Sedna is angry, usually at disrespect for her gifts, she needs to be appeased by a Shaman who will travel to her and calm her by combing her hair. There is a message here about care for the natural world and our environment both in our personal lives – how lightly do we step upon the earth? And also from a society and cultural point of view

This oceanic theme of things emerging from the deep is repeated by Saturn having now moved into a conjunction with Trans-Neptunian Object Poseidon – the old man of rock begins to feel the force of the ocean and starts to develop some sense of the deeper mysteries that are there and that over time will wear away even his fortresslike defences against things watery and stormy. And in astrology we can link things watery to emotions and feelings, energies of the heart that Saturn is not so comfortable with – it’s interesting, in the light of that to note the Sabian Symbol for the degree that Saturn occupied back at the eclipse:


KEYNOTE: The inertia of all institutionalized procedures.

Slow is the rise of the land from the vast ocean, but once it is   formed it develops a formidable resistance to change in spite of storms. Likewise, once a culture has expressed its basic symbols and its particular way of thinking, feeling and acting in concrete institutions, these change very slowly indeed. The individual who came to the great city (Scorpio i° symbol) soon finds his life set by the rhythms of city living, which obliterate vaster life processes and the moving tides of evolution.


This is the last of the five symbols of the forty-third sequence. We see in it how binding and resistant a communal way of life can become. In this there is strength and stability, and these are necessary factors in the social life of man — until new horizons beckon. The Keyword is STABILITY.

sea cliffs in storm

Sedna is in a cold, dark and frozen place and so the memories might come from somewhere cold and dark, from something we have frozen inside us in order to stop us feeling it. Maybe even something so small that we hadn’t really paid it much attention, until now. As the South Node approaches Sedna we may start to remember and become angry at past injustices, we will be faced with choices, about whether we want to remain the victim or whether we want to transform those experiences into something else, something that transcends and becomes more powerful than those who tried to suppress and abuse. Sedna understands the power and the role of anger, she asks when we have tried to suppress our anger and allowed it to seep out in inappropriate ways, and also when we have not recognised the true source of our anger. The transit to the South Node indicates that it is time to recognise, understand and move beyond.

Meanwhile our old heroine Psyche is preparing to make her way over the eclipse degree and on to the North Node. As the storms clear Psyche starts to emerge from her journey to the underworld and begins to see where her path lies in the future! Psyche’s role in these retrogrades is still not over and her presence at a key, sensitive part of the chart as Jupiter turns direct reminds us what this has all been about.

In the wider world we may start to see small institutional injustices come more to the fore and with them outbursts of anger that may take people by surprise. Meanwhile the weather may bring more storms and floods – perhaps it is time to turn to the shaman!




Here is a link to Kim Falconer’s article:


Darkstar astrology have a good article too:



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