Saturn Retrograde 2013

Saturn entered his shadow back in November 2012, not long after the solar eclipse in Scorpio. Since entering his shadow he has become involved in a number of crucial aspects, most notably working with Pluto to form the base sextile of an ongoing yod that has at various times involved Jupiter, Lilith and Vesta at its apex. This is the same yod that was activated by the lunar eclipse that followed Saturn moving into his shadow and which I wrote about here.

Now, on February 18th, Saturn is about to station retrograde (he’s stopping still for a short while before he heads ‘backwards’ through the zodiac, back to where he entered his shadow. This means that he is about to head back into the sextile with Pluto, reactivating the yod as Jupiter moves forwards through Gemini. This influence will become most intense towards the end of March as Jupiter forms the exact quincunxes first with Saturn and then with Pluto.

The intensity of the pressure from this yod coincides with a full moon and also the superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun which marks the culmination of the previous Venus Rx cycle, the point at which we can see whether we have successfully understood the energies we have been working with and put them to good and effective use in our own lives. Here is a chart which shows all three influences coming together:

Libra Full Moon 2013

In this chart we can see that the apex of the yod is enclosed within the Lilith corridor, the part of the sky which lies between the points referred to as Mean and True Lilith (points based on a mathematical calculation of the Moon’s orbit in relation to Earth – I write something about these in this post. What this suggests is that there is an opportunity to really shift the energies within this yod if we choose to. There are chances to understand the power that Jupiter wields in our own life and bring that more into consciousness and into the physical world that we live in, supported by the sextile of Saturn and Pluto. Issues which were not satisfactorily resolved back in November, or through the beginning of this year now have a second chance – although this chance might well be a bit unpredictable. It’s worth spending a little time as Saturn stations Rx thinking about where you felt pressures in your life – especially as regards those areas indicated by this yod which is all about community responsibility and a commitment to something larger than yourself. The coming weeks as Saturn moves Rx an d back into alignment with the yod are opportunities to resolve many of these issues.

At the end of April and following another solar eclipse which will again remind us of issues raised back in November, Saturn opposes the Sun and puts the spotlight on issues which have yet to be resolved. By this time the pressure of the yod has shifted and the issues raised by this opposition are less about community responsibility and more about personal relationships – sandwiched either side of the opposition to the Sun Saturn receives an opposition first from Venus and then from Mars. Relationships with significant others are under scrutiny and feeling the pinch from Saturn’s sense of responsibility and restraint. These relationships could be romantic, friendly, businesslike, but what they have in common is a sense that they are relationships between individual people, not between groups or organisations – this is how the energy differs from that in the yod.

So as Saturn moves into the later stages of his retrograde phase it is relationships he is digging into using his Saturnine discipline to bring deep, Scorpionic issues to the surface and try to ensure they are addressed. It is possible that this process is incredibly inspired and successful as towards the end of his Rx Saturn makes a trine to Neptune who has also turned Rx b y this time and the two are moving in harmony. The suggestion is of commitment to some kind of spiritual, mystical or poetic ideal – but a commitment that insists on making it real. Arts and music projects for instance will be well supported at this time, and relationships with others that are built around such activities could be very fulfilling. Of course the danger with Neptune is that it could all disappear in a puff of smoke, but with Saturn’s influence this is less likely.

At the beginning of July, as Saturn turns direct once more he is joined in a trine by Jupiter indicating a final resolving of any tensions from the Saturn retrograde, including closing the door on any issues left hanging that were raised by the yod earlier in his retrograde phase. It’s time to move on, and a grand trine in water involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune suggest that it is a very good time to move on, especially if you are involved in artistic or spiritual pursuits of some kind.

By the end of October all is finished, I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and Saturn prepares to receive a conjunction of the Sun in order to start his next cycle.

Massive rocky shore

Key sabians for this Saturn Rx cycle are:

Enters shadow and stations direct:


KEYNOTE: The inertia of all institutionalized procedures.

Slow is the rise of the land from the vast ocean, but once it is formed it develops a formidable resistance to change in spite of storms. Likewise, once a culture has expressed its basic symbols and its particular way of thinking, feeling and acting in concrete institutions, these change very slowly indeed. The individual who came to the great city (Scorpio i° symbol) soon finds his life set by the rhythms of city living, which obliterate vaster life processes and the moving tides of evolution.

This is the last of the five symbols of the forty-third sequence. We see in it how binding and resistant a communal way of life can become. In this there is strength and stability, and these are necessary factors in the social life of man — until new horizons beckon. The Keyword is STABILITY.

Stations retrograde and leaves shadow:


KEYNOTE: Group-consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.

At present the largest unit of social organization is the nation. The symbol pictures the ruling class of such national wholes displaying at least the superficial forms of a concern for establishing permanent relationships in peaceful cooperation. What is evoked is the value of meeting other people at the highest possible level of cultural interplay (i.e. in “full dress”), rather than with an everyday type of consciousness and behavior.

In contrast to the natural spontaneity of the rescue operation shown in the preceding symbol, we have here the image of a ritualized DISPLAY of power, prestige and wealth. Relationship has been made hierarchical and is institutionalized. Phase 222 tells us that this too is an essential feature in the development of rhythmic give-and-take in order to achieve global peace.

This is also the degree for the opposition with the Sun which emphasises this symbol’s significant for the learning of the entire Rx cycle.


Read more about Saturn Rx and the eclipses here


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